Bamboo Export is the largest exporter and supplier of bamboo materials in Vietnam, both for private use and for businesses. With more than 10 years of combined experience, we are considered a bamboo specialist with a focus on excellent quality and service.

BAMBOOEX is a website created by bamboo enthusiasts. Our mission is to promote the use of bamboo across the globe. Bamboo is a highly flexible and versatile plant. It has been used by tropical cultures for years as shelter.

It has so much to offer the modern world in its diversity of uses. Of course it is used a decorative element, but few really think about the great potential it has elsewhere. Bamboo is known to be stronger than steel when compressed, making it perfect for lumber applications. I can also be made into fabrics, toothpaste, and even the body of a bicycle.

We are always looking to give back to the earth by developing innovative, sustainable products.


All BAMBOOEX members always strive to become the most professional and caring Bamboo Products and Services Provider in Vietnam.


All BAMBOOEX members always strive to perfect their knowledge and skills to provide customers with purposeful standard bamboo products and services.

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