If you want to import bamboo poles from Vietnam, find bamboo suppliers Vietnam, and bamboo product companies, you have chosen the right place. BAMBOOEX offers many bamboo-related items, including bamboo poles. We are happy to become a prestigious provider to the global market.

BAMBOOEX is a supplier of bamboo products. We have developed excellent relationships with local farmers, agricultural product producers for export, wholesalers, and retail chains to provide the highest quality tropical and specialty items from Vietnam.

Our importing guidelines will benefit you a lot. Let’s dive into the details!

The Origin

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Natural bamboo is a rigid material that adds a lovely aesthetic accent to any outdoor construction, such as a cabana.

BAMBOOEX has always produced imitation or synthetic products to suit our client’s expectations for durable bamboo. Our synthetic bamboo poles have many benefits:

  • Scratches are not visible on synthetic poles because the color is processed throughout the substance.
  • Synthetic poles are accessible right away since they are in stock and UV resistant, so no further protection is required.
  • Chlorine treatment is also less expensive.

Artificial bamboo poles provide you with the following benefits:

  • You’ll obtain repeatable installs with a consistent and dependable product.
  • Power and data cables may be run through large-diameter cores, making your arrangement seem nice.
  • Installation is simple and elegant, and you may coil it neatly around beams or supporting posts.

If you would like the tropical beauty of this plant but do not have the patience to wait for a particular order and need a product that can withstand high traffic, this is the choice for you.

The Current Markets To Import Bamboo Poles From Vietnam

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Bamboo is an item that is traded all over the world. According to the statistics from the export study, about 154 nations and regions actively import bamboo poles from Vietnam.

The overall value of exports is roughly 140 million dollars. As a result, if any exporter intends to import bamboo poles from Vietnam, BAMBOOEX will provide comprehensive advice on how to do so.

Our data includes everything from pole export evaluation to export supplies. According to the statistics on natural pole export, the top 5 trading partners who import bamboo poles from Vietnam are the USA, Turkey, Netherlands, China, and Bangladesh.

The total value of exports is 102.54 USD million, accounting for 73 percent of the entire export value.

Bamboo pole exports from Vietnam have increased significantly during the last ten years. The entire value of the exports in 2009 was $3.94 million.

While the statistics for 2018 indicate an export value of 61.5 USD million, a significant 312.35 percent increase.

How To Import Bamboo Poles From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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We want to use this opportunity to present ourselves as a prominent reputable producer of high-quality handicraft products and natural raw materials in Vietnam.

We pick these poles with care, then wash and clean them. Before loading them onto the container, we will dry and straighten the bamboo poles.

We have a complete quality control system to ensure that the poles are of excellent quality and have attractive colors.

One of the most popular fences is bamboo. They are frequently used for ornamentation since they are less expensive than iron and wood fences, and they are robust and flexible. As a result, people use these products in agriculture.

We hand-pick and gather our products from our gardens. These canes are chosen based on their diameter and age.

We have a limited cut of those on hand, but we like to collect fresh poles on demand. We’ve discovered that this delivers our consumers the best workability and quality.

It is considerably easier to do so when they are still fresh when splitting the poles. Cutting the fresh ones are more straightforward and less likely to split or break.

Most cured poles we’ve bought in the past don’t look as they should. It is most likely due to the items being supplied from China and having no overall quality control.

Our competitive edge is identifying the bamboo species, growth circumstances, and pole age with precision.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Bamboo Export is the largest exporter and supplier of bamboo materials in Vietnam, both for private use and for businesses. With more than 10 years of combined experience, we are considered a bamboo specialist with a focus on excellent quality and service.


We have the most incredible collection of bamboo poles. custom made bamboo products. You only need to choose the most suited poles for your plan by diameter, color, length, or species.

The item description of each pole contains detailed information on the individual properties of each plant. If you have a particular size or color needs, we recommend visiting the warehouse in Vietnam and personally choosing suitable poles.

We always ensure the highest quality at the most competitive costs. Please contact us if you have any questions about their conditions and import bamboo poles from Vietnam.

Thank you for reading!