Natural products such as bamboo are increasingly chosen by a large number of customers. Because of its safe and durable properties with time. Among them are bamboo poles products used to reinforce the ground for maintenance works. So, many customers choose manufacturer of bamboo poles in Vietnam.

The information of bamboo poles in Vietnam 

Usually, bamboo poles are used in always wet, watery lands. With a fairly high life expectancy of 50 to 60 years or longer. Because if piled in dry ground, bamboo is easy to decompose. Bamboo materials to make piles must be old bamboo trees over 2 years old, straight, fresh and durable.

Manufacturer of bamboo poles in Vietnam

Because to strengthen the ground, the choice of bamboo is relatively complicated. It is necessary to use solid bamboo, the thickness of bamboo pipes is not smaller than 10mm.The space in the bamboo intestine is as small as possible. The distance between the bamboo eyes should not exceed 40cm.

Bamboo poles are products from nature, safe for people and the surrounding environment. Bamboo poles are cheaper than other materials. But durability is still guaranteed, you can be completely assured when using.

Manufacturer of bamboo poles in Vietnam reliable

With many years of experience in the profession, BAMBOOEX is the leading supplier of bamboo piles and bamboo materials in Ho Chi Minh City. Confidence is the place to provide prestigious and reliable bamboo piles today. The source of goods is stable in quantity and quality, meeting the increasing needs of customers.

To create bamboo piles of the best quality. Input materials at BAMBOOEX are always put first. Carefully select according to the criteria, through the processing steps before putting into use. With the keen eyes and skillful hands of the craftsman will create high – quality items to serve consumers. BAMBOOEX is the manufacturer of bamboo poles in Vietnam.

Bamboo raw materials from nature are always exploited regularly in large quantities to meet the requirements of quality as well as preparation time to deliver to customers in accordance with the requirements.

The product meets the different requirements and standards of the customer. Where bamboo poles are supplied we are partners of domestic enterprises, as well as partners from abroad.

How To Import Bamboo Poles From Vietnam? Shipping Process

Manufacturer of bamboo poles in Vietnam

We want to use this opportunity to present ourselves as a prominent reputable producer of high-quality handicraft products and natural raw materials in Vietnam.

We pick these poles with care, then wash and clean them. Before loading them onto the container, we will dry and straighten the bamboo poles.

We have a complete quality control system to ensure that the poles are of excellent quality and have attractive colors.

One of the most popular fences is bamboo. They are frequently used for ornamentation since they are less expensive than iron and wood fences, and they are robust and flexible. As a result, people use these products in agriculture.

We hand-pick and gather our products from our gardens. These canes are chosen based on their diameter and age.

We have a limited cut of those on hand, but we like to collect fresh poles on demand. We’ve discovered that this delivers our consumers the best workability and quality.

It is considerably easier to do so when they are still fresh when splitting the poles. Cutting the fresh ones are more straightforward and less likely to split or break.

Most cured poles we’ve bought in the past don’t look as they should. It is most likely due to the items being supplied from China and having no overall quality control.

Our competitive edge is identifying the bamboo species, growth circumstances, and pole age with precision.

How to order bamboo poles deposist? 

You are looking for and using bamboo piles without knowing a reliable purchase address. Please contact BAMBOOEX immediately for specific advice and choose for yourself the most satisfied product.

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