Bamboo sticks are one of the types of piles used in the treatment of foundations to reduce subsidence and increase load capacity for the ground. Bamboo piling is a method of reinforcing the foundation or used in folk for small load-bearing foundations such as people’s foundations, road foundations, across the road. Today, you can read Bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam that article here.Read more: How to import bamboo poles in Vietnam 

The function of bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticks are traditional technological methods to handle the foundation for small and medium-sized loading works on weak ground. This is a method in folk commonly used under the foundation of works with a small load. Sticks with a length of 2-6m are closed deep into the ground for the purpose of reducing subsidence and increasing load capacity.

bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam

Bamboo sticks close to the ground to reduce the hollow coefficient, compacting the soil to lead to a higher load capacity of the soil. In order for sticks not to rot, they should be placed only in locations with soil geology with stable groundwater levels all year round. If bamboo sticks are used in dry soil locations, they will quickly dry out, causing subsidence for the building.Calculation of bearing capacity of bamboo piles: in the design, if after the foundation treatment reaches some density through the void coefficient, then the load carrying capacity of the soil is calculated. For foundation design it is possible to assume the bearing capacity of the ground after reinforcement. It is necessary to estimate the bearing capacity and subsidence of the foundations of the piles using daily calculation methods.

bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam

Where to use bamboo sticks?

Bamboo sticks are used in locations with soil geology with high and stable groundwater levels. They are flooded environments will have a long life span. One of the secrets that the ancients used to enhance the durability and toughness of bamboo sticks is that it is common to soak bamboo under the mud at the bottom of the pond for a certain period of time.

bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam

Doing so will make bamboo increase durability and toughness, resist termites for quite a long time, can be up to 50-60 years or longer. Bamboo sticks are used to reinforce the ground shrinking works with small and medium loads, suitable for sub-works items or level 4 houses.

Bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam

The origin of bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam

Bamboo sticks are easy to grow, living in any condition, so to grow products in large quantities, people often grow bamboo piles in suburban districts of Hanoi such as Hoai Duc, Gia Lam, Thanh Tri,..

bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam

On this day, bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam are sold very popular not only in the Hanoi area but also in many other provinces and cities. Create very favorable conditions for homeowners when looking to buy this type of product.

Some criteria for choosing bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam

In order to have a perfect and quality work, it is recommended to choose products carefully and need kidneys, here are some criteria to help choose the best product:

bamboo sticks for sale in Vietnam
  • Bamboo piles must be fresh, meeting the criteria of thickness, length as well as harvest age.
  • The pile should be straight, not warped or cracked.
  • It is recommended to choose a male bamboo pile, because it will have a thicker thickness and longer life than female bamboo piles.

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