Bamboo sticks are an excellent and versatile natural material for designing an eco-friendly home. Bamboo is non-polluting and easy to use, making it an ideal home design and decoration choice. Bamboo sticks can be creatively incorporated into modern and minimalist homes. So Have you tried decorating with bamboo sticks in your home design? Here are some ideas for decorating with bamboo sticks for you. 

Decorating with bamboo sticks

Elegant partitions

Typically, walls are built to divide space, but bamboo screens are a good option if you want open space and more flexible use. Great alternatives because they don’t block light, are functional, and add a natural feel to the room. Of course, this bamboo partition is made from assembled bamboo sticks. 

Decorating with bamboo sticks

Lighting System

The hollow structure of bamboo can be used to make lampshades, placing lamps inside to create light that matches the room’s design. For example, the house in this picture is decorated with bamboo lights fixed to the wall and a bamboo hanging frame with built-in lights. This design breaks through the tedious traditional style of lampshades and exudes sophistication. Bamboo lamps are also very harmonious with Asian-style interior spaces.

Decorating with bamboo sticks

Replace wallpaper

Instead of using wallpaper, paint, or cement to create textures to break the monotony of the wall, covering a layer of bamboo on the wall’s surface produces a fresh look for the wall. We decorate with bamboo sticks to make your wall more luxurious and beautiful.

Decorating with bamboo sticks

Frame a Hanging Garden

Using a bamboo frame with planters is a great idea to create a wall of greenery, whether an indoor or outdoor hanging garden, as bamboo is resilient to weather.


Bulky stone fountains may not be suitable for all spaces, especially balconies that cannot bear large loads. The fountain design using a bamboo tube structure is easy to implement and brings elegance to the room.

Bamboo fences and stairs

Bamboo sticks can also be used as an alternative to the railing of the stairs to add uniqueness and convenience to the house. Stairs can become the most impressive feature of the house. The bamboo used in the design of stairs or railings, as shown in the picture, often has a variety of methods, but most importantly, it is strong and sturdy enough to withstand people’s weight during use.

Decorating with bamboo sticks


While stone cladding has become famous for exterior walls, bamboo can also be used as an alternative. As a natural material, bamboo is weather resistant. Using bamboo to cover part of the wall, you can create an attractive and unique exterior design like in this photo.


For terraces, patios, or outdoor walkways, bamboo can be used as a lightweight roofing material giving the area some protection from the weather.


Bamboo furniture is sturdy and adds a lovely rustic feel to the home. Bamboo furniture provides comfortable seating and is a suitable choice for outdoor areas when combined with cushions.Shine with elegance and refinement; bamboo cabinets are the perfect addition to any kitchen, no matter the interior design scheme. Or you can consider using a simple bamboo bookshelf that exudes sophistication with a simple but not monotonous design. 


Bamboo can be used to replace the function of any other wood, and it is also produced in a multitude of different tones. For example, take a look at this dark bamboo ceiling. You will be amazed at how the dark tones from the bamboo ceiling perfectly complement the minimalist interior design in this space. 

How to decorate with bamboo sticks for a house?

Decorating bamboo sticks house is the primary material for decorating the home. This design style prioritizes the use of natural materials instead of industrial materials. Bring a new breath to living space. Just ensure the comfort, completeness, and beauty of the people, like “breathing” the homeland into each line and architecture for the whole house.

Advantages of decorating a house with bamboo sticks

  • Bamboo sticks material is relatively light, and the construction and design are simple and less time-consuming.
  • Bamboo material does not absorb heat, keeping the living space cool and airy.
  • Bringing a new look to the house, creating a unique architectural highlight for the project
  • Decorating with bamboo sticks is a natural material that does not produce harmful emissions, so it is safe for health and friendly to the living environment
  • Minimize investment cost
  • High aesthetic value, never out of fashion. Rarely have to paint, repair, renovate

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Decorating with bamboo sticks

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