As the world moves toward modernisation and industrialisation in all areas of life, traditional values ​​are always a bright spot that will never be overshadowed. Same with the field of architecture – construction. Besides cement, formwork, etc., wholesale bamboo stakes – a pure natural product, have always been one of the materials that have made the biggest impression in many elaborate and famous architectural works worldwide. So the following article of BAMBOOEX will provide some specialised information about this type of product. We invite you to read along.

The primary function of bamboo stakes in construction 

Bamboo stakes are piles exploited from bamboo to serve the construction needs of people. They reduce settlement, increase bearing capacity and strengthen foundations more firmly. This method is widely applied in the North and South; people use melaleuca poles instead of bamboo stakes.

wholesale bamboo stakes

Using wholesale bamboo stakes is a folk method that his fathers have done since ancient times. Usually, people use piles from 2-6m to drive deep into the ground and reinforce. This method is only applicable to projects with small and medium tonnage. For the sake of simplicity, bamboo is a product with a certain flexibility, not hard enough to withstand heavy metal-like objects. Several projects can use bamboo poles to create a solid foundation, such as houses, factories, industrial buildings, bridges, ponds, canals, etc.

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Standard of wholesale bamboo stakes when applying 

  • Lifespan is over two years old, fresh, straight and diameter >=6 
  • It is best to use solid bamboo poles. The solid core will make the pile stronger and make the bank stronger. 
  • The thickness of the bamboo tube is not less than 10mm. 

wholesale bamboo stakes

  • The distance between the eyes on the body should not be more than 40cm. 
  • The top of the saw pile is perpendicular to the shaft and 50mm from the bamboo eye. 
  • The lower end is bevelled, about 200mm from the bamboo eye, which is just beautiful to make the tip of the pile. 
  • The length of each pile is from 2-3m, longer than the design length by 20-30cm. 
  • The usual pile driving density is 16-25 piles/m2 (pile spacing 20-25 cm). However, homeowners can flex this density depending on the terrain and construction area. 

Techniques to be grasped when constructing wholesale bamboo stakes

+ Firstly: piles must permanently be erected. Do not allow the bank to tilt in the direction of the incline. 

+ Second: it is necessary to line the pile head with a cushion to avoid being broken or crushed during the pile driving process. 

+ Third: when driving bamboo poles, only one should be moved one at a time; if driving many piles simultaneously, it will quickly lead to the bank tilting when lowered. 

wholesale bamboo stakes

+ Fourth: before the official construction, it is advisable to test some banks first. 

+ Fifth: it is necessary to cut off the bank’s top if it is broken when it is finished driving. If the pile head protrudes above the groundwater level, it is also necessary to cut off that part to ensure that the pile is not damaged by termites when used. 

+ Friday: The banks must be evenly distributed over the foundation area. 

+ Saturday: the pile head should be bevelled with 10-15cm length. This ensures that the pile does not lose too much construction length. 

+ Eighth: drive bamboo poles in order from outside to inside, following a spiral. Thus, following the above technical requirements, you can create a finished project.

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Instructions on how to build wholesale bamboo stakes Manual 

Method of lowering piles: First, use a solid wood mallet weighing 8-10 kg for 1-2 people to drive. Seal the top of the wholesale bamboo stakes with iron to avoid being crushed. Saw off the damaged pile head. It was destroyed after closing. It should be removed immediately if the bank has not been profound, but a crushed state has appeared. Note the case when driving the bank with a mallet that the bank bounces up. At this time, it is necessary to lower the bank by the loading method, combined with shaking. 

wholesale bamboo stakes

Method of lowering piles by machine: This method helps workers save more effort than the manual method. We can use the excavator bucket to press the stack. A small air compressor with a pressure of about 4-8 atm is just enough to perform. Lowering wholesale bamboo stakes by machine has the outstanding advantage of being both fast and effortless. And one air compressor can be used for 5-6 bamboo piling machines simultaneously. 

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wholesale bamboo stakes

Above is the section that provides detailed information about our construction of bamboo stakes. I hope readers can get valuable information from the article. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you, readers and customers, for following BAMBOOEX‘s products!