Bamboo is a kind of tree associated with words for the daily activities of Vietnamese people. But to better understand bamboo from its development characteristics, origin and where to buy bamboo sticks, the following article will decipher your problems.

Learn About Bamboo

Bamboo belongs to a group of woody plants, but the trunk is hollow and divided into many segments. According to scientific research, bamboo belongs to the fire herbs and bamboo – Bambuseae group. The origin has not been considered, but bamboo has been associated with the lives of Vietnamese people since ancient times. Present from the South to the North, the source of this material is very abundant. The provinces in the country have many bamboo reserves: Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa, and Hoa Binh.

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Origin Of Bamboo

There has not been a document ever identifying the origin of bamboo in Vietnam. But through fairy tales, folklore, etc., it can be seen that bamboo has existed for thousands of years. Bamboo is a very livable species that increase in the wild, from nutrient-poor terrain to fertile soil.

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Bamboo in Vietnam is considered a forest product after wood and can replace wood in many fields. Currently, the timber trees of our country’s forests are increasingly being exploited and exhausted. The source of raw materials from bamboo is relatively abundant. It will become a popular material in the future.

How many types of bamboo trees are there in Vietnam?

Vietnam is rated from 4 worldwide in terms of bamboo growing area. According to statistics from the 2000s, our country has more than 70 species of bamboo found throughout the territory. And continued to be researched by scientists and professors; discovered in 2005, more than 190 types of 26 bamboo genera were found in Vietnam.

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Most are unnamed. There are 55 types of thorny bamboo – Bambusa, of which 31 species have not been named. There are 21 species of the genus Luong – Dendrocalamus, 16 species of the genus – Gigantochloa, and the genus – Indosasa has 11 species.

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How many years is the lifespan of a bamboo tree?

According to love, bamboo can grow and regenerate very well. It should be relatively easy to maintain this species. Ordinary bamboo can live for about 13-15 years. Depending on the properties, other species can survive for years. To keep a thriving population, the selection and exploitation must be reasonable so that the tree can reproduce young bamboo to serve users’ needs.

Does bamboo have flowers?

Flowering is also an established form of bamboo populations but is not considered the primary mode of reproduction. Bamboo flowering is one of the unique and infrequent phenomena in the plant world. A bamboo tree can flower after 60 – 120 years.

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Why bamboo takes so long to flower is a question that botanists have a hard time explaining. For this reason, very few people know if bamboo flowers. But in reality, the flowering plant will flower, but it takes a long time, and it is not easy to catch this moment.

Characteristics and uses of parts of bamboo

We can easily imagine what bamboo is like through the morphological surface and recognise it quickly. Each part of the bamboo plant has excellent use in our life.


Stems Underground stems grow in clusters: This is the development of some typical species such as Bamboo thorns, Lo o, and Hop Sao. the trunk has an axial form divided into two parts: the underground neck and the chest.The underground bamboo trunk grows scattered: The underground body spreads in the ground. Because the bamboo shoots grow from the underground stem and lay in the soil, the bamboo and bamboo air bodies are not clustered but distributed sparsely in the forest.

Body of life: includes the root of the body and the body. The bamboo stem above the ground can be 1 to 20 m high, 1 to 25 cm in diameter, usually round, and has many unique shapes.Bamboo has many uses, from weapons to construction materials. Rated as green steel in the new era. Many other materials can be substituted.

Bamboo Leaves

This is the photosynthetic organ of the bamboo plant. Distinguishing cheap leaves based on the following characteristics:

  • The bamboo leaves do not have hairs.
  • The bamboo plant leaves are composed of a sheath and leaf blade.
  • The leaf sheath is usually long, trough-shaped, and attached to the branch from the junction between the leaf sheath and the leaf blade is the petiole; the petiole is usually only a few mm short, and there are leaf ears and leaf blades.
  • The leaf blade has 3-5 pairs of parallel veins.

Although bamboo leaves have little effect, they have helped people form a natural barrier against wild animals invading the village since ancient times. Shade for many towns.

Bamboo roots

  • Bamboo roots are clustered roots that grow from the bamboo’s underground stem to help absorb nutrients to nourish the branch. The number of sources in the biogas part will vary according to the soil conditions and the size and age of the biogas plant. There are a lot of roots here.
  • When the qi body is older than six, the number of roots and suckers also decreases.
  • It is about 70cm long when growing in the underground part of the stem.
  • Roots grow from the base of a bamboo shoot.
  • Bamboo roots are firm, helping bamboo to stand firmly in thunderstorms.

Bamboo Flowers

Bamboo flowers, when reaching adulthood, will begin to form. It has a pale yellow flower; the stamens carry bright yellow anthers; after withering will include fruit as small as a grain of rice and can be dispersed by animals to grow into seedlings.

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